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佐々木充彦さんのサインが入っています。 (お名前を入れる「ため書き」ではありませんのでご注意ください) 2022年8月8日発送予定 B6判 縦182mm 横128mm 厚さ20mm 重さ 340g 352ページ 並製 価格 1,900円+税 いらない。お前なんかいらない。使えないやつはいらない。低脳はいらない。弱いやつはいらない。おどおどしたやつはいらない。逃げるやつはいらない。お前はもういらない。お前みたいなゴミは、もういらないーー。 生きづらいこの社会に疲れ切った主人公ミロは、あるとき猫の街に迷い込む。猫といっても四本足で歩く小さな猫じゃない。彼らは服を着て、靴を履き、二本足で歩いている。毒々しいこの街で、ミロは一人の少女と出会い、自分の中の暴力性・残虐性が剥き出しになっていく。 社会に適合するとは自分を殺すことなのかーー。現代社会で誰もが抱える悩みを、佐々木充彦が美しく繊細なタッチで描く。読んでいると胸が苦しくなる。心をえぐる今夏最大の問題作。小説版と漫画版が一冊に収録された豪華仕様の一冊。 ーー The book is signed by the author, Mitsuhiko Sasaki. Scheduled to be shipped on August 8, 2022 B6 size, length 182mm, width 128mm, thickness 20mm, weight 340g, 352 pages, bound in lined paper Price 1,900 yen + tax I don't need you. We don't need you. We don't need you. We don't need you. We don't need weak people. We don't need the frightened ones. We don't need the ones who run away. We don't need any more of you. No more trash like you. Milo, the main character, was tired of this society. One day, Milo wanders into a town of cats. Cats are not small cats that walk on four legs. They wear clothes and shoes, and walk on two legs. In this toxic city, Milo meets a girl, and the violence and cruelty within him is laid bare. To conform to society is to kill oneself. Mitsuhiko Sasaki depicts with a beautiful and delicate touch the problems that everyone faces in modern society. Reading the film, one's heart aches. This is this summer's most controversial work, which will gnaw at your heart. The novel version and the manga version are included in one gorgeous volume.

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